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Co-Occurring Schizophrenia and Substance Dependence/Abuse

Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders

Substance Dependence
Substance Abuse
Assessment of Co-occurring Disorders
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Applying MI: Develop Discrepancy
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Accurate assessment of substance abuse for clients with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse involves:

1. Ongoing detection and assessment of substance abuse

2. Specialized assessment of the individuals substance
use problems

3. Individual treatment plan that addresses substance
abuse treatment goals

Specialized assessment for proper treatment involves a thorough look at substance related problems in the mentally ill client including:

1. Severity of substance abuse

2. Ongoing assessment of stage of treatment

3. Biopsychosocial factors that sustain the substance

*assessment scales that can be used for ongoing detection of substance use:

*Alcohol Use Scale (AUS)

*Drug Use Scale (DUS)

*Substance Abuse Treatment Scale (SATS)

{Found valid and reliable in ongoing assessment

of substance abuse in co-occurring disorders.

(McHugo,Drake, Burton, Theimann, 1995)}

...Along with the SATS:

regular Urinary Drug Screens (UDS) for drug use and

blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for alcohol use to back up

self reports of use.

For assessment tools for co-occurring disorders go to:


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